The Beginning

My name is Casey, and this is my space.

It’s become increasingly obvious to me that many of the thoughts I’d like to share are neither twitter-sized nor appropriate for facebook, so I’ve decided to start a new blog for whatever strikes me.

I’ll adjust the structure of this site drastically and without any warning as I figure out how I want to interface with this medium. I have only ever had blogs with a narrower focus, so this is something of an experiment for me.

But there are a few things I know.

In this space, I will be pensive and angry and sad and jubilant. And snarky; I am highly susceptible to bouts of sheer snark.

There will be a lot of nerddom, so consider yourself duly forewarned. I am as likely to wax eloquent on iterations of the Hero’s Journey as I am on Gundam or Anglo-Saxon etymologies.

I am a writer. I normally write speculative fiction novels, and I attended Viable Paradise in 2012. I expect a fair amount of related material, be it my experience writing, samples of my fiction, or my thoughts on the fantasy genre, to make it up here.

I am a reader. Nothing is more important to me than story. I’ve added a Goodreads widget to this page in case you’re curious as to what, and I review books at Fantasy Book Critic.

I am a traveler. I recently up and moved to Seattle, but before that I spent two years teaching English in Japan. I’ve lived on both sides of the US, and I’ve explored about twenty countries around the world.

I am as happy to teach as I am to learn. I hope you will comment if I post about something that interests you. I love discussing ideas; that’s how I learn best. If I’m honest, I don’t just like discussing, also but arguing, and playing devil’s advocate, and doing so with both passion and civility. That said, I won’t tolerate spewing of hate. I don’t want that in my space.

That covers the basics, I think; the rest will become evident or irrelevant, or both.



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