Reunion in Vancouver

Indulge me, if you will, in a rare moment of travel photo-blogging.

Once upon a time, six old friends, the oldest of friends, graduated high school and then went gallivanting in Europe for a month, somehow managing not to kill each other nor raze Europe to the ground in the process. How neither of these occurred remains unclear to me still.

THESE LADIES, freezing together on the Eiffel Tower.

THESE LADIES, freezing together on the Eiffel Tower.

Seven summers later, they found themselves in the same country at the same time, a rare occurrence indeed, and so naturally decided to leave it. I may or may not have instigated that part of the scheme.

I do love traveling, and I would have loved a chance to visit some folk I know in Vancouver, but this three day weekend was about reuniting and exploring how we had changed, how our friendships had changed as we explored the city.

That exploration was not the sort of epic story where our heroes go on a quest, encounter obstacles, defeat evil and return home in triumph. It was just an explore, as my mother would say, and epic for all that. And it’s not even the kind of explore that changes who I am, that returns me with newfound knowledge or hope or anything else.

What bemuses me most is that while as people, we’ve grown and changed, our dynamics as a group haven’t shifted all that much.

For instance, this? This has always been pretty typical.

Balcony Shot

Now, this is what it looks like when six people pile in to sleep in my studio. (This is the only picture here that I actually took; with friends like these, I don’t usually bother to take out a camera.)

Seattle Camp-In

And really, sometimes, the only way to fit and get the shot right is to smush.


This is how you get to fortify yourself for a road trip when one of your oldest friends is The Chai Master.

Fortifying Chai

As a group, we tend to end up with lots of pictures taken of ourselves from behind.


But sometimes we turn around, and it’s like, WHAT NOW.


This is what breakfast time looks like. By which I mean, everyone else is drinking, while I’ve only just dragged myself out of bed.


I’m told this time of day is the magic hour, because all pictures taken in this lighting can only turn out perfectly. As you see.

Magic Hour

This is what we look like balanced together on the edge.

On The Edge

And this is who we are.



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