One Quarter-Centennial Down…

And here’s to many more to come!

Really, more than the standard few would be ideal, of course; I’m in no hurry to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Birthday Skydive

No, seriously.  Just wrapping the quarter-centennial with STYLE. Like you do.

It was actually a pretty zen experience. I wondered if I might get nervous last minute, but I was sort of eerily calm as I geared up and got on the plane, as I rolled out of said plane, and as I fell from 13,000 feet. Good times. I mean, it was incredibly fun, but not the adrenaline rush I was expecting. Like jumping out of planes was a perfectly everyday sort of affair. The best kind of everyday affair, because what if I could jump out of a plane and fall and fly and float every single day?

There are people who do that.

And I’m reflecting on my last year, and what my everyday experience has been like.

My everyday has changed a lot in the last year. In the obvious ways, I quit my job and moved from Japan back to the States. I relocated to Seattle, a city where I knew pretty much no one and didn’t have a job, and met people and got one. I don’t really have my own group of people here, but that’s fine; on the other hand, I’ve felt more in touch with my writing people. And one of the lovely things about birthdays is that I get to hear from friends everywhere, no matter how casual or deep that friendship goes.

In the last year I’ve also learned how to do the Twitter thing, been to three new cons and met awesome folk at each, started reviewing over at Fantasy Book Critic, set up my own website, submitted pieces of fiction to paying markets for the first time, and edited the crap out of and written words on a few different novels.

It sounds sort of productive when I put it like that, but I feel like I haven’t done enough, not that matters. I won’t list all the things I think I ought to have gotten done. It’s been over a year since Viable Paradise, and I’ve done many things, but none of it feels like enough. And I suppose it will never be enough, because there are always going to be more stories, which is part of the reason I want all those quarter-centennials.

And every day, I feel like I should be doing more, and when I think that, I always mean in regards to writing, even on days when I’ve written thousand and thousands of words. Which makes me wonder about how my everyday is structured now, because I know what I really want to fill it with. And I think that whenever I decide to do a thing that people around me think seems more than a little risky (see: teach in rural Japan, move to Seattle, go skydiving…), really choose, I commit; I stick to it and get shit done. Calmly, independently, and inexorably, because it’s my choice, and that means something. Year 24 was a transitional year, and that’s fine.

But I think it’s about time I stop dithering and figure out how I get on that plane, so I can jump off of it and fly.



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