New Direction

So I had some surprise news at work this week. What it amounts to is that while they’re happy with me and my work, they’d really prefer my position to be fulltime, and I’m not willing to work fulltime yet. So they’re going to find someone who will, and I’m going to move on.

This is sad in many ways. First, because the translation industry is really cool and I enjoy the work. I admit it was gratifying that when coworkers found out that rather than getting an additional team member I was going to be replaced, they were mightily displeased. If I were looking to build a career, I’m really well-suited to this. Mostly, though, it’s sad because I love the people I work with. I’m not moving away or anything, but it’s not like I’ll still be able to casually drop by their desks every day to chat (I don’t do this every day now, because we’re all too busy, but I could).

On the other hand, management and I were fully aware when we started this that having a part-time worker on this team was experimental and might not work out, so it’s not the biggest shock to me (the timing kind of was, especially when the conversation starts out, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, but,” and it is and it isn’t, but that’s neither here nor there). I was prepared to quit entirely back in January, so this wasn’t a monumental decision: I already know my savings from Japan are in good shape and I’ll be okay financially for a while. Even if I were to go fulltime again, it can’t be at this job, because it’s too demanding. If I wanted this to be my primary career that would be fine, but it’s not my top priority. And my team deserves someone who can invest their full energy, because they’re awesome.

As I’m in no particular rush to run out and find a new job, I’ll still be working there for a while. They’ll have time to find the right person, and I’ll be on hand to help train her so that my team doesn’t lose time on their own work, because we’re all already over capacity. So I’ve probably got another month, and then it’s on to other things.

I’m remarkably unconcerned. The utter unconcern is really a departure from the last time I was without a thorough plan, but this time I also have a better sense of what I’m doing with my life. I figure I’ll take a couple of weeks to actually do things like take my car into the shop while I’m not required to be commuting every day. And then I can look for a job either within walking distance of my apartment or where I can work remotely, because I hate dealing with car stuff. A job where I can not become too invested and end up working regular overtime. A job that is not so much in addition to writing as in support of writing.

I’m still planning on working part-time for the rest of the year. Maybe that search will be tricky with summer coming and students looking for summer jobs, but I’m still not worried. I have some ideas already, and there are plenty of places that prefer part-time workers so they don’t have to pay benefits. I’m adaptable and smart. I’ll be fine.

And now I have writing to do.


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