A Yurt of One’s Own

My summer commitment to going hiking regularly culminated in a three-day trip to Mt. Rainier. It’s just far enough away to make a day trip impractical, but close enough that it’s a convenient vacation spot.

I loved it. I loved everything about it.

There were some snags getting started, and the rare occasions I was able to get WiFi to check email put crimps in my day, but by and large? Probably one of the best trips I’ve taken, so please indulge me with a now annual photo-blog.

We booked a Stormking cabin, which I highly recommend. I knew this was going to be the right place when the welcoming committee came out to greet us.


cat greeting


Best cabin, you don’t even know. In the middle of mountain forest, shaped like a yurt, everything in wood and stone. We booked Bear Cabin, and I noticed immediately it came with THEMED STATIONARY. Seriously there is no way they could have targeted this place any more perfectly to me.

home sweet yurt


I am sort of the queen of preparedness (Snacks and beverages to last through three days of hiking? Check. Flashlight, sun lotion, bug spray, rain coat, first aid kit, plastic bags…), but the cabin was provisioned with basically anything I could have needed — especially usefully, a refrigerator, basic dishware, and copious outlets.


20140911_104534 20140911_104521 20140911_104454 20140911_104707 20140911_104740 20140911_104651

We arrived sort of late in the day, so we started with a short afternoon hike from Narada Falls to Reflection Lake.


Narada Reflection Lake20140909_182515

Then we tried out the hot tub for the first time. Yes, our cabin also came with a hot tub, candles, and lights on the back porch, and a gas fireplace inside to warm us up afterwards.


20140911_104624 view from hot tub 20140911_104643

We decided to do the longest hike the next day, trekking the long way up to Carter Falls and arguing about story structure and compelling heroes the whole way, because of course we did.


Carter Falls

And then to reward ourselves for a job well done, we had an excellent dinner out at a place called Alexander’s and, naturally, more time in the hot tub.




We ended up doing our most strenuous hike the last day, which was fortuitous but sort of on accident. Comet Falls is gorgeous, but it’s steep going. There was trail past where we stopped to inhale our sandwiches, so I think we’ll try it again once we’ve leveled up a little further. So to speak.


Comet Falls

It was inspiring and fun with much relaxation and clarity. After my frenzied summer, it was exactly what I needed. We had such a great time we’re already thinking of things we want to do when we go back. I can’t wait.


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