Kpop Craziness

My laptop is booting again! This is especially exciting because although I could mostly function with back-up files, I didn’t have some critical story notes and it was DRIVING ME CRAZY to write scenes knowing I was missing key bits.

Also, I didn’t have my newest Kpop acquisitions. THE WORST.

I… am going through a more intense Kpop phase than usual. After blazing through Dream High and seeing Anne Sowards and Dan Wells tweeting about some of their favorite songs, I decided it was time to update my collection. If you’re new to Kpop, these are some that are worth checking out (though hardly a comprehensive list).

First, a classic: because it was my gateway to Kpop, here is the dance version of “Gee,” by girl group SNSD (aka Girls Generation).

Spica, another girl group, recently released their single “I Did It” in English (so you can buy it at the usual places), and it’s pretty much the catchiest thing.

My favorite singer has to be Ailee. She has a huge voice, and she’s not afraid to use its power. “I Will Show You” is amazing, and “U&I” is also easy to find on Amazon or iTunes.

While I’m often not the biggest fan of the boy groups, a couple have gotten my attention lately. One is LEDApple with “Time’s Up.”

The other is Block B, a group that is straddling the line between daring and fun music beautifully. “Her” is my favorite, and “Nillili Mambo” is way up there as well.

And lastly, I leave you with the theme by CNBlue’s Jung Yong-hwa for the Kdrama Heartstrings, “You’ve Fallen for Me“:

Enjoy! (And if you’re a fellow Kpop lover, I’d love to know what you’re listening to!)


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