777 Challenge

The lovely Nicole Lisa has tagged me for the 777 Challenge. The rules are to start on page seven, seven lines down, and post seven sentences of your work. This is an excerpt from my novel STONE TIES, which I wrote out of my desire for more stories with older women as protagonists and my love of Merlin lore.


The man had one more opportunity to identify himself, and then by the rules of hospitality — which I abided by, even if he didn’t — I was free to engage him.

“It’s Yannoc,” he said, uncertainly. “Do you remember me?”

Yannoc? I remembered him smaller. He had been maybe ten years old when we reconquered the Isle, but I could see the resemblance.

I took a breath and said, “Cousin.”


I’m tagging Theresa Bazelli, Stephanie Charette, and Edith Hope Bishop, provided they want to play!



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