Another Year, Another Sweeping Change

What would a new year in my life be if I weren’t planning on making huge, sweeping life changes?

As far as I can tell, this is what I have to look forward to forever. Other people seem to manage to adult by settling down and having blips of excitement; maybe that’s just perception. But I expect my adulting will be endlessly exciting, and there are worse things.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. I have goals for the year, but I always have goals and can’t be bothered to wait for January 1st to start working on them. But here’s some of what’s been up while I’ve been away.

The holidays were crazy. My college roommate visited, which was fabulous, and I also got to hang out with The Cats.

Roommate Love

Roommate Love


The Cats

The Cats

On the work front, the tutoring is picking up as more students start to prepare for standardized tests this spring and summer. I’m actively querying again for the first time in too long, I’m gathering beta feedback on my YA space opera novel draft, and I’m getting going on a new high fantasy novel.

The current whirlwind of DOING ALL THE THINGS comes from my personal life this time around: I’m getting ready to move again. This is, on the whole, something I’m excited about, although the plan is mind-bogglingly complicated for reasons I won’t go into. I am also going to be temporarily moving in with my significant other of almost a year (O_o), which is on a whole other plane of Dramatic Life Change for me.

In practice, this means I’m leveling up in searching and winnowing, in list-making and people-wrangling. I am drowning in threads of lists of URLs, and there is always another decision to make.

First there was the matter of the mattress. People, there is NO GOOD REASON for these things to be so absurdly expensive. Of course the SO and I have polar opposite tastes in this, because of course we do. So now there will be the mattress pad, and the sheets, and the comforter or duvet cover set, and the bed frame. And new shelves, because the board games are taking over. And some drawers or boxes or something for me to put my clothes into in his closet. Eventually I’ll need to actually claim a storage unit for my furniture, not to mention the actual packing and moving of stuff. Nor to mention getting set up with a new health care plan or transferring all of my addresses for everything. And all the while, we are shopping for houses (WHAT IS MY LIFE) on behalf of his friends, houses that we may one day move into (aforementioned complicated reasons: don’t ask). Meanwhile, I may be attending five weddings this year and have been called upon to assist with the planning for two of them, and let me tell you this has been an educational process.

So I am GETTING SHIT DONE, folks, and all is well. But I may be quiet around these parts for a while as the madness takes hold.


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