Sirens Schedule

Hi friends! I have a busy schedule this week at Sirens Conference, so for those of you here in Denver, here are some times you can find me.

Tonight I’ll be introducing Sirens Studio guest of honor Roshani Chokshi, talking a little about women and power and myth-making.

Then tomorrow (Wednesday 10/23) gets exciting: surprise I’m running a two-hour workshop with Nivair Gabriel on women’s leadership in fantasy! Stop by for what we’ve titled “Who Run the Fantasy Worlds: Girls.” This has come together last minute as we’re filling in due to an emergency, so here’s what you can expect us to talk about.

On Thursday I’ll be helping get the much anticipated Sirens Bookstore set up! Throughout the remainder of the conference I’ll be stopping in to yell about books at you, so you have a good chance of seeing me there.

Friday starts bright and early with a panel I’m moderating at 9am on building inclusive bookish communities with Faye Bi, Shaista Fenwick, Traci-Anne Canada, and Cass Morris.

At 2pm I’ll be helping Amy Tenbrink tell you about all the new women-in-fantasy books released since last Sirens, and at 5pm you can find me at Book Speed Dating, where I will rapidly try to convince you to give a few of my favorite fantasy books a try.

(It’s very exciting that I am *scheduled* to spend so much of this conference shoving books at people.)

Saturday at noon I’ll be presenting my paper: “The Extraordinary Power of Heroines: Examining Women’s Heroism in Fantasy.”

And that’ it! You can DEFINITELY find me at the Sirens ball, but in general, I’ll be around and happy to visit old friends and make new ones. =)

Wedding Recovery

I am married!

And would you look at that, I have… not coincidentally, not blogged for several months! Whee!

I am delighted to be married. I admit I am also delighted to be done planning the getting married. (I’ll write about it. Just not this post.) And it was such a whirlwind at the end that I’m finding myself sluggish about remembering how to have a schedule that does not prioritize wedding tasks.

(Not that they’re done. T_T But let me have this moment?)

In a way it reminds me of finishing a novel, in that a wedding is a large scope project that requires consistent effort for a long period of time, but then if I finish the draft in a big push I’m—exhausted, and I get to take a break, but then once the break is over I have to… do other things?? Start editing? Work on a different project? But it’s so different from the schedule that I’ve been chugging away at steadily it takes me a couple weeks to regroup.

So that’s where I’m at. Wedding planning took way more time and energy than I had initially anticipated, let alone the wedding itself, and now the things that got pushed onto the list of ‘this can wait, deal with this after the wedding’ have all come up at once, it being after the wedding all at once. I’m reintroducing all those other things back into my life slowly as I reassemble my schedule.

And I’m getting back to writing—not just Tea Princess Chronicles, but also a new project I’m super excited to be embarking on! I started it before the wedding, but now I get to really pick up steam.

Though I’m not diving in quite as rapidly as I had hoped to, because my brain feels listless, which probably means I’m still introvert-recovering from an extreme exertion of socializing and executive function and body complications (the week leading up to the wedding was super not free of them, alas). So I’m dipping my toe back in this week and hoping by next week I’ll be up and running maybe not at full capacity, but with at least a little more focus.

In the meantime, I’ll be reading, figuring out what on earth has happened in my kitchen and inbox, tending the cats that have been attached to me since we returned from the mini-moon (literally: I have the holes in my leg from Sakaki’s kneading to prove it), and idly planning my next big logistical adventure / writing project of expansive scope, because that’s a thing my brain apparently does when left to its own devices for too long. It is never boring in these parts!

So bear with me, friends? I’m getting back up and running. ❤

the cats, attached

Panels for 4th Street Fantasy 2018!

I had the opportunity to assist Scott Lynch in putting together this year’s programming for 4th Street Fantasy, and I can’t wait to see these panels in action. The full list, for the curious, is here.

I’ll also be on two panels this year! They’re “Rebuilding Mystery: Rejecting Rules for Magic” and “Talking Across Ten Thousand Years.” (Click the panel descriptions to embiggen.)

Rebuilding the Mystery: Rejecting Rules for Magic


Talking Across Ten Thousand Years


And on top of that, I’ll be hosting a root beer tasting party with the inimitable Paul Weimer Friday night—we’ll tweet more details on that at the con with the hashtag #4thStreetFantasy.

Looking forward to seeing folks at the con!