New Job: Virtual Assistant!

So, here’s a new and exciting thing!

After much research, thinking, and planning, I’m starting a new day job career as a Virtual Assistant and Author Assistant.

Business logo enclosed by teal circle, with leaf design and text "Casey Blair Virtual Assistant"

Casey, what in the world is a virtual assistant? Is that even a real job?

It is indeed! I had a lot of questions myself and have been fielding them since I broached this idea, so here’s the basics of what this means.

Essentially, I’ll be handling a lot of the tasks that people really wish they could delegate—the things they don’t really personally need to attend to except that someone does, and well: like booking flights, or organizing email, or updating a website. The little tasks that bury everyone on a daily basis. A virtual assistant lightens the load, whether it’s an hour of work a week or twenty.

It’s actually almost more surprising it’s taken me so long to land on this idea, because this is so much of what I’ve done at my last several jobs. I always go in, rapidly figure out the holes where necessary tasks are getting dropped, and end up taking loads of work off my bosses’ plates to make them happen and setting up processes to make everything easier to manage. So now I’m just going to, you know, do that.

But remotely.

Not going to lie, I am somewhat nervous about freelancing as career! But ultimately I think this is going to be the best way to have a sustainable job that supports my writing career and long-term health while actually affording me enough money to live on.

So here we go! This promises to be an adventure, and I’m ready to meet it.

If you want to know more about what this looks like, my business website is up! And I’d be much obliged if you’d pass that on to anyone you think might benefit from a little virtual help. ❤