Here’s a glimpse of some of the writing projects currently on my radar!


Tea Princess Chronicles is a serial novel project with free updates posted weekly. It’s a cozy fantasy following the adventures of a princess who escapes her meaningless life and goes into hiding, as she finds her place in the world serving a struggling community by running a tea shop that sits on the edge of a magical disaster. The first two books are now complete, and the third of the main trilogy is underway!


A Tea Princess Chronicles bonus short story is featured in Swift the Chase, anthology of fantasy chase scenes along with work by many other incredible authors. This promotional collection is available now for free, and you can get it from your preferred ebook retailer!

My scene is designed to function as an entry point for readers new to the series, but for those of you who know what’s been following along it will be extra special. Find out more here!



The first draft of this middle grade fantasy in currently in progress, but my working comps are Cardcaptor Sakura meets the Magisterium. A twelve-year-old girl is the only one who can collect dragon scales with unique magical powers to save the world–because she’s the one who broke the dragon egg they came from. I’m having a lot of fun with female friendship, magic school, and language in this one.



This novella is my love letter to shounen anime–especially the debating existential philosophy and turning rivals into friends through epic tournament battles parts–except with women centered. Armed with magical blades, two rivals storm the celestial palace together to overthrow the omnipotent empress.



To protect her friends and teenage daughter, a mage and professional adventurer has to stop the sorcerous storms tearing a city apart. But to save their lives she’ll have to become what she’s always feared and risk destroying herself in the process.

I wanted a heroine over the age of 30 who’s a already a powerful badass, managing both a successful career and actively mothering, I wanted her to have romance and banter and explosive magical battles, and I wanted to center women’s anger. This secondary world urban fantasy novel is what came out.



When an invasion from the realm of the dead threatens their monastery, two best friends make opposite choices that drive them down different paths to try to save their world.

Seril thought she was seizing her only chance for adventure by setting out on a quest. She didn’t know the world was dying in a way even her unprecedented magic couldn’t help.

Khulan thought staying to maintain her post at the monastery was the safe, responsible decision. She didn’t realize the demons were already inside.

The first draft of this YA fantasy is complete and pending edits.

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