I update this page periodically with information about the statuses of various works in progress. Here’s a glimpse of what’s currently on my radar!



I’ve been working on this one quietly for a while, and I’m excited this is finally launched! Tea Princess Chronicles is a serial novel with free updates posted weekly. The story is largely about the adventures of a princess, who’s escaped her meaningless life and is now in hiding, as she finds her place in the world serving a struggling community by running a tea shop that sits on the edge of a magical disaster. Check it out here!



AFTERSTORMS is a secondary world urban fantasy currently at about 101k. To protect her friends and teenage daughter, a mage and professional adventurer has to stop the sorcerous storms tearing a city apart. But to save their lives she’ll have to sacrifice part of herself to become what she’s always feared — and even if she survives the change, she can never go back.


SEALED: YA fantasy

When an invasion from the realm of the dead threatens their monastery, two girls — best friends — make opposite choices that drive them down different paths to try to save their world.

Seril thought she was seizing a rare chance for adventure. She didn’t know that the world was dying in a way her magic couldn’t help.

Khulan thought staying at the monastery was the safest decision. She didn’t realize the demons were already inside.



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