Photo by Mariah Bush, 2013.

My name is Casey, and I write fantasy novels about awesome women having magical adventures. From stories about giant mechs in space to dragons and sorcerers, all my fiction is character-driven stories full of sharp dialogue, ideas to challenge me and my readers, and hope.

When not typing at a novel, I am probably reading insatiably, dancing, canyoning, or drinking tea. I fled the excessive sunlight in California years ago for Vassar in New York, and since college I’ve lived for a couple of years in the rice fields in Japan and relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I am prone to wandering, exploring, and adventuring.

I live at the beck and call of two cats, Sakaki (black) and Tomo (marmalade), whom I’m happy to share stories about at exhaustive length. Blogs posted with a seemingly irrelevant picture of either of them are so marked to indicate they’re fulfilling a promise to my backers on Patreon to post a blog once per month on topics related to writing.

The Patreon supports my ongoing serial Tea Princess Chronicles, which you can read for free. If you appreciate my writing, you can back me there or buy me tea.

If you’re interested in what I’m reading, I keep my Goodreads list up-to-date. You may also notice a link on the home page to the website for Viable Paradise, an SFF writing workshop: I attended in 2012, and it’s an absolutely life-changing experience. If you’re interested in becoming a professional author in SFF, definitely consider applying.

Beyond writing novels, I’m involved in the book and speculative fiction worlds in multiple ways. You’ll also find links on my homepage to my two “home” cons: Sirens Conference, which is dedicated to discussing and celebrating the remarkable, diverse women of fantasy literature. Sirens consistently demonstrates their commitment to uplifting diverse voices, and in addition to participating in programming there I volunteer by writing content and helping with their bookstore.

I also attend 4th Street Fantasy every year, which is the best conference I know focused on craft and exploring the boundaries of fantasy storytelling in all its forms, always delving as far past 101-level as we can go. 2019 marks my second year working alongside Scott Lynch to develop and manage the programming for the conference, a single track of panels throughout the weekend designed to spark further conversation and consideration with a cohesive framework.

You can reach me via:

Twitter: @CaseyLBlair
Email: Casey.L.Blair [at] gmail [dot] com


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